New Faucets On The Market

Hansgrohe AG offers a wide and diversified range of kitchen faucets from Axor and Hansgrohe brands. For lovers of design, Axor offers numerous products created by prestigious design studios such as Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio or Phoenix Design, while users with a lower budget and a greater concern for functionality will find what they want in the Hansgrohe brand. All products share two essential characteristics: an unmatched manufacturing process and the high standards of the company.


There are three versions of kitchen faucets: with rotating spout, with removable sprinkler or a semi-professional version. Its objective is to enhance the beauty and inestimable value of water, and has achieved a perfect symbiosis between form and technology. The element that combines the three versions of the kitchen faucets Axor Citterio is the lever located on the side, but also, due to its ergonomic shape and generous dimensions (160 mm), all taps are very practical for the tasks that are usually performed in the kitchen. To this must be added the slimness of the elongated pipe, which allows more space and freedom of movement in the sink.


Another particularly noteworthy aspect of these faucets is their stylized base which, viewed from the front, looks like an extension of the pipe: a feat of technical and visual inventiveness, since the technology of the mixer is discretely integrated into the lever on the side. The high quality of manufacture is intimately related to the aesthetic quality: surfaces of different dimensions forming a harmonious whole.

Overall these kitchen faucets are fairly high end. If you need a guide, you can research faucets here before buying.

Carpet Vs Hardwood Flooring

If your heart and head does not agree on the type of floor to choose when it comes hardwood or carpet, this advice is for you. The feet is often the decider of how comfortable we are on a floor but the eyes see the beauty that is attached to every floor that is stepped upon. Carpet vs hardwood flooring, which one is your choice?  A carpet cleaner from the states says “hardwood may look nice but in my experience people will always like to have carpet as it makes the home look nicer and more inviting.

For years, hardwood has been preferred as the best in flooring but with the advent of carpets , there is a rethink when it comes to deciding the type of floor that people want to make use of. The carpet is getting more popular because of innovations that have made it great than its counterparts over the years.

Choosing between carpet or hardwood flooring may not take you long to decide if you have good reasons to choose any of the two. However, if it is the carpet, you are ready to go with, this is recommended that you look at these points

Carpet is softer to step upon and it has a reputation to withstand stain. Hardwood may not be able to withstand stain like carpet. A lot of home owners consider the affordability of their floors. The hardwood is more expensive than the carpet.

Looking critically between Carpet and hardwood flooring, you get to see a lot of features you can use in choosing your flooring. The quietness of carpet flooring has been hailed as one of its great advantage over the hardwood floor. However, it is the decision of a homeowner to decide the type of floor that would be suitable for a home.

Before you go for a floor, ensure that you have made the proper research to weigh the pros and cons of using any of the flooring options available to you.