Prevent Your Dog Escaping The Yard!

Dogs are surprisingly good climbers, especially when they have enough motivation to leave a fenced area. These motivations include food, comrades or boredom. A loose dog can be hit by a car or picked up by the police. Once dogs understand how to mount a fence, it can be difficult to get them to stop, but it is impossible. You may wonder how to keep your dog from jumping a fence. Keep reading while we go over the answer.

jumping fence


1. See how the dog is going out. Go inside your house and look out of the window. Does he stick his claws in the wire mesh? Does he use objects to jump on and then on the fence? If the dog needs other objects to help get on top of the fence, move them.

2. Keep the dog in the yard only for short periods of time when you are at home and can monitor it. According to the Humane Society of the United States, keeping a dog for hours or days at a time in a yard will result in boredom and will be the main reason a dog will climb a fence.

3. Put your dog in a chest harness. The chest harness will keep a choking dog when attached to a pole.

4. Buy a dog tie-out kit. Whenever he is outside, even if you can watch him, tie him by the harness to a pole or around a very solid tree. Finally, when the dog is happy to stay in the yard, you can stop tying it.

5. Exercise your dog more. A dog needs daily walks of at least half an hour, more time to let off steam in the yard. According to the ASPCA, some breeds like pointers will need two walks a day. If necessary, hire a pet sitter or dog walker to keep him active and exercised. Keep dog toys and chew toys in the yard to make it more interesting and keep the dog at home.

6. Praise the dog for staying in the yard and behaving, especially when playing with the dog in the yard. Yip as you are hurt every time you see the dog starts to climb the fence, but do not hit it. Make sure everyone in the family and visiting friends do not encourage the dog to climb. This is especially important with pit bulls as they are the most common offenders.